March 1,2019

I been teasing The Yoppa Garden - Stem Cell Pure Blood EX for a while now and I am finally ready to post my review on #ABArtisticFriday 
I received this from the lovely Marina from @goryeocosmetics in exchange for my honest opinion. I love the fact that her and her partner works to bring brands of all sizes to their shop. I highly recommend checking out her shop and keep an eye out on the IG account for the Guess the Product game! I love it because she keeps making it harder and harder! 😆

Onto the product itself. It is a bi-phased product with the red water phase to represent the blood cells and the oil phase as the plasma. It has rose water as the first ingredient and you know how much I love roses😉. That's why Marina gave it to me to try. Sadly, it does not smell like roses at all. No biggie though since it doesn't really smell like anything

It has a scary sounding ingredient of Human Stem Cell Concentrated Medium. I had trouble finding any information on it besides a study that says it produce better results when used with micro-needling. Luckily. The very nice @kindofstephen explained to me that it's just the medium that they use to grow stem cells. There's no stem cells involved in this at all. It is just a moisturizing ingredient

I think it is used as a shock value, but it's kind of turning some people off from the product. So I am not sure how well it paid off for them.

The essence is to hydrate and brighten the skin, to lighten the appearance of dark spots as well as soften and aid the regeneration of the skin

I used it for 1 month on the right side of my face, which is the drier side. And let me tell you, it is great! I really like it! Within 2 weeks. I can tell the moisture and softness levels on the right side has been brought up to the left side, if not more. When I skipped it, I definitely really missed it.

The other day I had quite a bit of hormonal breakouts. I couldn't resist and popped them then used a pore refining mask along with the essence. The breakouts were almost gone by the next day. Two days later, the PIH on almost all of them are gone. I couldn't even tell where my forehead breakouts are because it looked like nothing happened. I was really surprised and highly suspect it is because of the essence since I only used the mask on day 1 but continued to use the essence. To me, it does appear to have some brightening and aid the regeneration of skin .
Overall, I have been loving this essence. It is on the pricier side but it's not bad if you get a refill pouch as well. It has a bit of a shock packaging but the ingredients list is quite nice. Definitely worth giving it a try! 

Damascus roseEssenceHyaluronic acid

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Kanez Fatema

Kanez Fatema

i want to order this? could you please tell me how to order from uk.

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