HERA UV Mist Cushion Cover With Refill SPF50+ / PA+++ C21

$42 $48

A full-coverage cushion foundation that adds a bright and healthy glow to the skin with every touch for flawless, perfect skin


Enhanced long-lasting moisturizing effect 

Wax coat holds moisturizing ingredients stabilized with Moisture-Trap Technology for long lasting moisturizing effect. It contains extract of carob bean growing on barren land to help the skin stay moisturized.

Smooth, glowing complexion

Powder coated with skin-friendly ingredient lightly sets onto the skin to create a smooth, glowing complexion.

How To Use

  • Use in the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine
    (It works as a sunblock, makeup base and foundation).
  • How to replace the refill
    1. Press the arrow mark on the back with both thumbs.
    2. Push the bottom of the case up with your hands.
    3. Remove the inner case that pops up.
    4. Put a new inner case into the case.

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