IOPE Age Corrector 2500 20ml

  • Anti-aging wrinkle serum with R.2500™ ingredients that improve wrinkles below the eyes and nasolabial area by strengthening the skin’s collagen springs.
  • Age Corrector 2500 targets deep wrinkles around hard-to-treat areas such as the undereyes and nasolabial area, and smoothes and tightens skin that has grown wrinkled due to aging and reduced elasticity.
  • New anti-aging ingredient R.2500™ promotes the generation of collagen springs and blocks decomposition for focused improvement on wrinkles formed as a result of aging and reduced elasticity.
  • 5 wrinkles in the areas under the eyes & nasolabial folds improved in just 6 weeks.

How To Use 

  1. Spread the product in the opposite direction of forehead lines, as if to iron them out. Use the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers on both hands and massage the wrinkled area in a zig-zag motion to gently relax the muscles.
  2. After gently applying the product in the opposite direction of the eye rim muscles, use the weakest ring finger to tap the eye rim area and smooth stiff muscles.
  3. Use your 3rd and 4th finger and move them in the direction of a 90° angle angle with the wrinkles around your lips and nasolabial folds, and apply the product as if to lift your skin.
  4. Raise and tap the nasolabial folds. Apply the product around your lips and nasolabial folds, and tap the area while puffing out your cheeks.
  5. Applying the product over the neck wrinkles. Focusing on the area of concern, gently massage and absorb the product into the skin by stroking your hands from the bottom to top.

※ 90 Degree Wrinkle Beauty Technique Since wrinkles are prone to forming in the opposite direction of your muscles, it is effective to make sure you create a 90 degree from the direction of the wrinkle.


20ml X 1pcs

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