ELMOLU- RED Shabet Modeling Mask (1 unit-2 parts)

$10.50 $15.50

Product Description

ELMOLU’s premium line which is made with high quality extracts and unique technology.
Easily using modeling pack. Because, water is not needed and pack does not flow down. Meet spa treatment at home.

Red Sherbet Modeling Mask- AC-Care.

  • Tea tree extract moisturizes your skin, and helps irritated tired skin.
  • Cornus fruit extract gives firming effect on a skin and make your skin healthy.

Soothing  Moisturizing  Firming


ELMOLU is a professional cosmetics brand based on the unique, reliable technology of SLC Co., Ltd. the best beauty manufacturing company in Korea. SLC CO.,LTD, has been continuously developing many kinds of skin care and cosmeceutical mask with high-quality ingredients and superior technology.
Their mask production output is one of the top in Korean beauty companies. Based on their technical skills, competitive strength, that is top cosmetic company in domestic market, ELMOLU brand promise you better future with their production process and outstanding product.

ELMOLU pursue fully hydrated skin and tightening, make your skin vitality, luster and glittering energy.

How to use:
1. Prepare mixing bowl and spatula
2. Put 1st gel and 2nd powder in mixing bowl
3. Mix evenly and apply on the face (we recommend to lay down and rest:)
4. After 30~40 min, remove it from the bottom


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