CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule hair treatment


Product Description

CP-1 Protein Premium silk ampoule for Dry & Damaged hair (20ml) 

Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair system Improving radiance of hair / Protecting hair from heat / Professional hair clinic effect / Hair moisturizing   

  1.  Hydrating And Protecting Hair For Dry And Damage Hair.   
  2.  Caring and nourishing damaged hair by frequent heat from hair dryer and   curling iron.   
  3.  No need of washing it off, CP-1 Keratin and protein silky injection.   
  4.  As it is applied on the hair and scalp, its protein and keratin contents cares hair gradually.     

 How to use   

  1. After shampoo and condition, release appropriate amount on the hair with adequate moisture.  
  2. Dry hair as usual after CP-1 keratin silk is applied. 

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