AMPULOGY Pore Care Ampoule 30ml

It suppresses the activity of NF-kB, the skin aging factor that causes the pores to be enlarged, sagging, and blackish, to fundamentally manage pores problems, constrict and soothe the pores.
  • For those who have concerns about expanding pores.
  • Tea tree extract with antibiotic and antimycotic effect can control sebum secretion. It is suitable for controlling pore condition.
  • Artichoke's strong suppression weakens NF-sur-B which darkens pore. And it also help minimizing pores in the skin and control fluid.
  • Safe and effective to mix with the basic skin care products and cosmetics.



  • If you have been looking for the perfect skincare solution just for you, Meet Ampulogy.

  • You can build your own personalized cosmetics by mix & matching the required ampules.

  • The perfectly tailored beauty solution will make your skin ideal.

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