Dr+Medm Clean Protective 4 layers Mask 3 Step


Self Clean Care with Dr+Medm's 3 steps protects your body and respiratory system against micro dust, bacteria and viruses


  • Dr+Medm Hand Clen Gel 3ml * 2ea
    Fresh and light clean gel effectivel helps stay the hands clean all the time and it contains medi complex (aloe extract/ hyaluronic acid/ collagen) to keep the dry hands moisturized
  • Dr+Medm Clean Mask 1ea
    The clean mask with three-dimensional design is for smooth wear and provides excellent tightness for comfortable breathing.

Features (Mask)

  1. 4 layer structural filter
  2. Nose Bridge
  3. Three-dimensional design
  4. Comfortable wearing 

    How to Use

    1. Before wearing mask, clean hands by Hand Clean Gel.
    2. Check that inside of mask is dirty or not.
    3. Adjust the mask on the skin to cover nose and chin.
    4. Fix the mask by wearing ear-band on ears.
    5. Press the nose part of the mask on your nose with both hands.
    6. After wearing mask, clean your hands by Hand Clean Gel.


    • Don't cover respiratory by anything before wearing mask.
    • Don't wash it.
    • Don't use mask if inside of it is gotten dirty.
    • Don't ruin shape of mask.
    • Don't touch face of mask.
    • After taking off mask, make sure to wash hands immediately.

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