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Etude House Lucky Together Moistfull Collagen Big Cream


The small particles of the Super Collagen water (HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN) in the Moistfull Cream makes skin full of firming moisture and feeling bouncy.

130 ml

Toner - Essence - Emulsion - Eye Cream - Cream or Deep Cream


  • 100-hour long lasting moisture
    Fully delivers hydration to keep your skin more hydrated and youthful.
  • Fine particles of Super Collagen™ Water
    Contains 653,800 ppm of Super Collagen Water dissociated by hydrolysis.
  • Ingredient callouts
    Free of Mineral oil, Polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinylurea, Triethanolamine, Tar color and PEG surfactant.
  • Clinically tested
    Skin irritation test done. Test carried out to evaluate 100 hour long lasting moisture effect.

Skin Type

Skin Concern

Key Ingredient

  • Super Collagen
    Super Collagen™ Water fully delivers hydration to make your skin bouncy and dewy.
    * The collagen contained in this product is derived from fish.
  • White Lupin
    White Lupin is a plant that grows in harsh environment, contains seed-derived protein to keep your skin moisturized.

How to Use

  • Apply an appropriate amount on the face and press gently into face for better absorption.

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