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Etude House Lucky Together SoonJung Hydro Barrier Big Cream


Hydro Barrier Cream gently soothes stressed skin caused by external irritation and dryness.

130 ml

Cleanser - Toner - Essence - Emulsion - Cream


  • Skin barrier strengthened by Panthensoside
    Contains Panthenol that calms down stressed skin due to external factors and Madecassoside that takes care of skin damage.
  • 92.2% of moisturizing and moisture-preserving ingredients
    A hydro soothing cream that moisturizes and comforts skin.
  • Ingredient Callouts
    Free of animal materials, mineral oil, pigment synthesis, synthetic perfume, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, PEG surfactants, paraben
  • Strictly Tested on Skin For Suitability
    Dermatologically tested, allergy free and non-comedogenic
  • Non-irritating, Low pH Level 5.5
    Formulated at an ideal pH level of 5.5 that is similar to skin's natural pH, helps the skin become healthier

Skin Type

Skin Concern

Key Ingredient

  • Panthenol
  • Madecassoside

How to Use

  • Apply an appropriate amount on the face and massage from the center to out.

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