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Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini HERSHEY'S #HERSHEY'S COOKIES 'N' CREME


The Etude X Hearshey's Collaboration

Chocolate shades that will satiate your sweet cravings as you apply creamy cookie & cream shades Cookie & Cream in the form of two 6-color palettes.

0.8 g *6


  • Happy just by looking at it!
    It's a must-have, limited edition palette that is worth just for its packaging and the heavenly combination of etude Play color Eyes Mini and the Hershey's logo
  • Chocolate-inspired texture that softly melts as it adheres to your eyelid
    Complete your sparkling glitter makeup with the melting chocolate texture that softly adheres to your eyelid.


  1. Hush HERSHEY'S (Glitter
  2. Chocolate without Cookies (Base)
  3. My favorite Chocolate (Base)
  4. Lucky Cookie (Matte)
  5. Cookie & Cream (Glitter)
  6. Zero Calorie Choco (Base/Point)

How to Use

  1. Evenly apply base color on the entire eyelids.
  2. Apply gradation or point color on the tail of the eye or on the eye line.
  3. Express pearl effect with sparkling glitter.

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