FOREVER SKIN Salmon Eye Patch 10pcs Salmon DNA Extract


FOREVERSKIN's HDPR is a salmon DNA component that protects the skin from external stimuli and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, providing a healthy and resilient skin.

The excellent moisturizing power of HDPR replenishes moisture on dry skin and prevents moisture evaporation, making it smooth and moisturized.

Bright and Tight : Patented SYN-COLL fills solidly from the skin that has lost its elasticity, and the pearl extract brightens the dull eyes.

Keep Water and Be Moist : Aquaxyl combines xylitol, a natural moisturizing ingredient derived from birch, and natural polysaccharide glucose.

How To Use

  1. After cleansing, it helps to make skin texture with toner.
  2. Makes Salmon Eye Patch close to the eye shape.
  3. After 10 ~ 20 minutes, remove the patch and absorb the remaining essence.

Capacity : 10 pcs

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