HUXLEY Mask; Oil and Extract is a revolutionary sheet mask protecting the skin from free radicals while plumping and intensely hydrating A single mask wrapped in a two-phased pouch: one side concentrates the mask in a lotion concentrated with cactus extract, while the other side contains a bulb rich in prickly pear oil. By pressing the bulb, the two formulas blend perfectly to form an antioxidant cocktail.

25ml x 3

Key Ingredients

  • Prickly pear seed oil: beauty secrets used by Moroccan royal family for centuries, this exceptional plant survives in extreme environment with a 50° daily temperature variance. This beauty treasure has a greater moisturizing effect than argan oil due to its 61%
  • linoleic acid content and is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient due to vitamine E content that is over 400 time higher than olive oil. In order to extract just 1 liter of this precious oil , it takes 36 hours of hand labor to separate 1 million seeds.
  • camu-camu: a small bay over 20 times richer in vitamin C than acerola, itself more concentrated than orange (more than 2500mg per kilogram of fruit). An excellent antioxidant that strengthens the skin's natural defenses, contributes to the complexion's radiance and fades hyper pigmentation.
  • Acai berry: rich in polyphenols, acai is a powerful ally to fight oxidative stress and aging signs. Highly nutritious, great for mature, sensitive or stressed skin.
How to Use
  1. Push up the oil into the mask pouch. This motion may create a popping noise.
  2. Blend the oil and extract together.
  3. Apply the mask onto skin for 15-20 minutes. After removing the mask, pat lightly for better absorption of the essence. Rinsing is optional. 

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