Painlessly and dramatically minimize wrinkles with 400 microneedles while Hyaluronic Acid is to boost collagen.

Why I'M FILL PATCH? (Main Benefits)

This is the perfect home-aesthetic eye treatment patch version. Not only just treat undereye skin, but also improve skin cell cycle.

How to use I'M FILL PATCH for the best results?

Apply at least 2 hours. Recommend to apply overnight time.

Also firmly and vertically press down the patch after applying. It is to give Hyaluronic Acid needles to be melted and absorbed to skin layers.

When detaching, there should be no needles on the patches and it must be flatted.

For permanent result, continuous treatment with regular interval is recommended even after satisfied result.

The microneedles are made of 99% of pure premium grade of Hyaluronic Acid.

Use the patches properly considering your personal skin condition.

Features & details

  • 99% of Hyaluronic Acid micro needles which provide moisturizing and puffiness effects
  • No pain, Easy applying, Simple care process of Hyaluronic Acid Mask.
  • 0.3mm Hyaluronic Acid micro needle with Hydrocolloid patch for fine lines
  • Leave the patches on your skin at least 2 hours. For the best results use on a monthly basis.

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