Nature Republic

Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack


Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack is a Tightening Mask for providing sebum control, removal of both black heads and white heads while cleansing pores, deeply moisturizing and providing nutrition to skin.

Made with High Quality Dam yang Bamboo Charcoal, Purified Mud from the South Sea of Korea, and pure, mineral rich Deep Sea Kona Water. Bamboo Charcoal has the power to draw out and absorb impurities and toxins hiding out in skin.

Kona Deep Sea Water, sourced 3000 feet below the surface, is rich with sea plant nutrients, 33 types of ocean extracts, over 90 trace minerals, and high in calcium and magnesium. Kona Deep Sea Water is nature's perfectly ionized skin hydration solution.

150 gr


Use this Mud Mask as the final step in your daily skin care routine for a 30 minute spa-like treatment, or leave on overnight for even deeper cleansing and nourishment.

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