royal skin

Royal Skin Good-bye Callus


Renew your heels at once

Stop hiding! Show your confidence! Soft heels at all times

210 * 60 * 23 (mm)


  • Super micro circular steel safety blades
    234 super micro circular steel safety blades remove callus easily and safely based on a plane-like mechanism. The circular steel blades allow removed dead skin cells to be collected on the protection cover on the back without being scattered on the floor.
  • Rust-free stainless steel
    Highly durable stainless steel blades was used to ensure hygiene on the area that comes in contact with the skin. You can clean it with water and keep it hygienic and safe for next use.
  • Easy cleaning
    After use, remove the dead skin cells collected on the cover and rinse the safety blades in running water. After all the moisture has been dried, put the cover back on the front for safe storage. Reusable whenever needed.
  • Dual-function protection cover
    It protects the safety blades when not in use, by covering the front of the device, and, when in use, it is fitted on the back to collect removed dead skin cells in one place. The circular steel blades allow removed dead skin cells to be collected on the cover to ensure convenience and hygiene.
  • Simple use
    You can use it on dry feet as well. Instead of having to soak the feet in water, you can simply pile dry heels with this device in order to remove dead skin cells quickly.

Skin Concern

Recommended if you

  • Have cracked heels that bleed and are painful
  • Have dead skin cells on the heels that end up causing holes on the stockings
  • Are self-conscious about dirty heels when wearing sandals.

How to Use

  1. Put the cover on the back.
  2. Place the blade side on the applicable area and rub gently to remove dead skin cells.
  3. After use, open the cover to remove the collected dead skin cells and rinse the blade and cover in running water.
  4. Remove the water completely before placing the cover on the front again for storage.
  • Do not apply excessive force or rub it for too long, as it can cause wound on the skin. Adjust the friction level and length of use according to the thickness of the callus

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