Too Cool For School

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Collagen Cream Mask 1 UNIT


A premium sheet mask soaked in essence formulated with 98% collagen fiber, egg extracts, and 24K gold.

0.42 oz

This is a luxurious sheet mask that delivers intense moisture to skin, while lifting and brightening skin with naturally extracted collagen fiber. The collagen fiber is safely preserved in the sheets through freeze-dry technology, which helps to deliver all elastic components to skin as it is. Moreover, the mask contains 24K gold, which calms and brightens skin. Moreover, the essence is compacted in a “Decalcomania” coated sheets to prevent excess essence from dripping on unwanted areas. All essence will stay safely in the sheets, making the application process clean and easy.


  • Delivers intense moisture to skin
  • Lifting and brightening skin with naturally extracted collagen fiber
  • 24K Gold calms and brightens skin



All skin types


  • Egg extracts
  • 24K gold


  1. Open the product, and apply the two parts of sheet masks (separated for the upper/lower side) to the face.
  2. Remove the sheet masks after 10~20 minutes.
  3. Tap on the excess essence on skin, use circular motions to gently massage skin for lifting effects.

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