WELLAGE Real Hyaluronic One Week Special Kit


Get Moisturized skin with 1 Week Skin Care Step


  • Wellage Real Hyaluronic Milk Peel Toner 30ml
    Low pH Toner which removes old dead skin softly and delivers moisture and nutrition into the skin.
  • Wellage Real Hyaluronic Capsule Serum 15ml
    Highly-enriched hyaluronic acid moisture capsule for keeping skin moist and solid everyday.
    5000 delicate capsules with low, middle, high molecule triple hyaluronic acid will deliver moisture to the skin and keep skin moist and solid.
  • Wellage Real Hyaluronic Intensive Cream 10ml
    Helps strengthen skin barrier and retain moisture.
  • Wellage Real Hyaluronic Bio Capsule & Wellage Blue Solution 15mg * 2ml
    Triple care (outer skin, inner skin, elasticity recovery) for elastic skin care.
    An instant facial treatment enriched with hyaluronic acid to fill up your skin with moisture making it resilient.


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