Wonjin Effect

WONJIN EFFECT Medi Hydro Vial Cleansing Water 500ml


Low pH moisturizing cleansing water with 7 Hyaluronic Acids

  • Deep cleansing - impurities removal
  • Low pH 5.5 - skin barrier protection and balance
  • no-wash water type
  • moisture supply
  • soothing and refreshing

Deep Cleansing Solution of WONJIN

* 7 Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular sizes effectively deliver moisture to all skin layers. Thanks to excellent water retention ability and quick absorption provides immediate moisture recharge.

* Deep sea water - mineral-reach deep sea water helps to maintain body pH balance, hydrating and revitalizing the skin and making it elastic.

* Beta-Glucan - with even better hydrating properties than Hyaluronic Acid, when used together, Beta Glucan doubles the hydration effect, providing moisture deep into the skin, and helps to protect the skin by forming skin protective barrier.

* MultiEX BSASM® with 7 natural plant extracts brings a relief to irritated and stressed skin and stregthen skin protective barrier.

* With HYDRO MELTING SYSTEM cleansing water melts make-up and removes impurities, keeping skin moisturized and clean without the need for second cleansing.

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