AHC Hyaluronic Skin Care 2 Set (Toner + Emulsion)


Hyaluronic Ingredient works to help rebuild a weakened moisture barrier, helping keep more moisture in. It deeply moisturizes rough, dry skin to keep it moist and healthy.
It delivers dewy soft and fresh feeling while botanical ingredients supply intensive moisture to all skin types including sensitive and oily skin and prevent against the various skin troubles with the dryness.


  • Hyaluronic Toner 100ml
  • Hyaluronic Emulsion 100ml
  • Hyaluronic Toner 30ml
  • Hyaluronic Emulsion 30ml

    Hyaluronic Toner

    • Hydrating - moisturized skin with only one drop. AHC Hyaluronic Toner keeps skin hydrated and smooth. It also moistures and lessens while flakes caused by skin dryness.
    • Water Retaining Power - Hyaluronic Acid that attracts water and other ingredients from a flower, such as lavender, freesia and chamomile keep water.
    • 5 Herbs Ingredients - Rosemary, Bergamot, peppermint leaf are contained. They revitalize and lighten skin complexion.
    • Tightening Loose Skin Pore Care - The hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid stops inhibits slackness by dryness and tightens loose skin pores.

     Hyaluronic Emulsion

    • This AHC Hyaluronic emulsion increases the moisture levels in dry, rough skin as well as the retention ability to have soft skin for a long period of time.
    • Hydrating emulsion for dehydrated and rough skin.
    • Formulated for dry and damaged skin, this high-moisturizing emulsion helps fortify damaged and mutated underlying skin tissues. These highly effective moisturizing ingredients revitalize skin while creating a protective layer for a softer and more radiant appearance.


    • Dullnes
    • Dryness

      How To Use

      1. After cleansing, take a suitable amount of Hyaluronic Toner with a cotton pad and wipe the skin.
      2. Dispense a suitable amount with hands and gently pat on the face for absorption.
      3. Dispense an adequate amount of Hyaluronic Emulsion and apply on entire face, gently pat for better absorption.

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