Hanyul Nature In Life Sheet Mask 5 Types


Nature In Life.

These main five ingredients are from Korean nature. Feel them and rest with them at night.

5 Sheets

Brown Pine Leaves

  • Refreshing, revitalizing clear sheet mask.
  • Goesan, the hometown of pine trees full of refreshing pine fragrance.
  • The clear essence of brown pine leaves full of special natural energy makes tired skin look bright and revitalized.
    (Wrinkle improvement function)

Pure Artemisia

  • Skin moisturizing, soothing sheet mask.
  • Artemisia grown strong under the sea wind of Ganghwado Island.
  • The moisturizing liquid from pure artemisia harvested before May 5 according to the lunar calendar moisturizes and soothes tired skin.


  • Moisturizing strong moisture sheet mask.
  • Strong Yeoju rice cultivated by clean water and land rich in organic matter under a big difference between day and night temperatures.
  • The strong moisturizing substance of red rice obtained after fermenting it with red malt for 8 days moisturizes dry, flaky skin.
  • It comforts and wraps skin with rich nourishment.
    (Dual function of Wrinkle improvement/Whitening)

White Chrysanthemum

  • Fragrant brightening sheet mask.
  • White chrysanthemum grown in the pristine area of Gangwondo.
  • Like a fragrant white chrysanthemum flower blooming under the sunlight, the mask makes stressed-out, sagging skin look bright and radiant. (Whitening function)

Black Bean

  • Nourishment-rich, highly moisturizing sheet mask.
  • Black beans grown in the pristine nature of Yeongwol, Gangwondo Province, resisting cold frost.
  • The rich essence containing viscous ferment liquid full of strong life energy of black beans soothes and nourishes rough skin.
    (Dual function of Wrinkle improvement/Whitening)

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