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Product Description 

Unique set of the best creams of IOPE brand! Now you can try them all.

WHITEGEN CREAM Whitening cream that improves dull skin tone and blemishes to create smooth, radiant skin.

  • Product feel Adheres perfectly around your skin for gorgeously moist and smooth skin upon absorption.

  • Skin soothing effect contains madecassoside that has a skin soothing effects.

 SUPER VITAL CREAM Total anti-aging cream that contains powerful plant energy to meticulously care for complex signs of aging.

  • Antioxidation x Antiaging, Super Flavonoids that firm up the skin. Super Flavonoids™ containing powerful plants and energy of longevity recharges fatigued skin with energy and nutrition to achieve firm skin.
  • Meticulous treatment for “bright and firm skin”
  • Seletinoid™, an antiaging bio ingredient that is patented in 5 countries, provides focused treatment on dryness, dullness, fine lines, and reduced firmness.
  • Soft, moist creamy formula- The soft, moist formula is fast absorbing with a matte, non-sticky finish.

LIVE LIFT CREAM Anti-aging firming cream that adheres to the skin to achieve moist and firm skin.

  • Tight and firm skin- The fast absorbing formula helps achieve tightness and firmness for skin that lacks vitality.
  • Agave Energy from agave delivers vitality for even firmer skin.
  • Deep moisturizing effect- The soft formula containing squalane components provide deep moisturizing effects for rough, dry skin to achieve quenched skin.


  • A moisture bomb cream that makes moist and taut skin by filling inside and outside of skin with moisture using hyaluronic acid
  • Highly concentrated hyaluronic acid forms a strong moisturizing membrane by pulling moisture that exists inside skin.
  • This product offers light feeling of use, quickly absorbing into skin with smooth and refreshing finish.
  • Softly spread out from inside of skin, and lightly tap to let it absorb.

BIO ESSENCE FACIAL MASK Bio-cellulose mask that perfects the look of translucent and smooth skin.

  • Boosts the condition of the skin to achieve smooth and translucent skin.

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