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Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk trial kit


Ginseng Royal Silk line is a high-quality premium line that makes skiin elastic and healthy with ingredients such as royal jelly fro Jirisan Mountain, silk amino acid obtained from golden silkworm, 99% pure gold, and Goryeo red ginseng extract that provides vitality to skin.


Skin Type

  • All Skin

Skin Concern

Main Ingredient

  • Gold 
    Gold promotes blood circulation and brightens skin tone. It is used for skin detox by clearing off sebum and metal materials, accelerating absorption of other ingredients into skin.
  • Red Ginseng Extract 
    Royal ginseng has anti oxidant minerals and amino acid for revitalizing tired skin.
  • Royal Jelly Extract 
    Royal Jelly from Mountain Jiri extracted from Honey mix, controls PH balance, keeps skin firm and delivers extensive brightening effects to dull complexion.
  • Silk Amino Acid 
    Golden Cocoon silk extracted from gold silkworm, wich is similar to skin compound, activates skin cell regeneration.

Usage Order

  • Toner - Essence - Emulsion - Eye Cream - Cream

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