Su:m37 Waterfull Gift Set

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Su:m37º water-full line was designed to make up skin vital and moist with intensive moisturizing treatments by increasing the density of moisture within the skin with fermented bamboo extract combined with three flowers. 

  1. The corpuscular fermented bamboo water by the mystery of fermentation densely penetrates into deep within the skin to increase the density of moisture.
  2. No artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives were added to minimize irritations or troubles of the skin to enlarge the effect on the sensitive skin.
In Su:m37º's natural fermentation, there are five secrets that hold nature's rich life energy and vitality.
  • Begins from innocence from the high and purity from the deep - Since the rule of nature flows from top to bottom. The pure environment that holds the image of beginning of the world should be located higher. Fermentation research lab is located int he undefiled district of high mountain. It is made in pure and clean environment at the height of 1050 meters. There is pure water in the deep down the earth. Mineral water is purified as it comes down to subterranean. It is made of clean water from the under the earth. 

  • Pure white snow just like sunshine and Pure black charcoal like sky of the night purifies - Pure white snow washes everything away even if it is just a tiny dust from the undefiled district of high mountain and the nature's purification system that makes even the air clear. Entire floor of fermentation research lab is covered with black charcoal. It makes the vital energy from the earth much clearer. 

  • To gain much more precious energy, We carefully choose energy source - Considering material with better quality is just not enough. Researching the energy that each part of plants has. And selecting the most efficient and powerful part among more than 80 kinds of plant. We carefully choose what to ferment afterwards. And before fermenting process, in order to contain the full energy by minimizing the energy loss, we ferment the most fresh and the most energetic plants which are collected near the lab. 

  • It contains sincerity of expectation which increases energy just like magic - More than 80 plants have been chosen carefully and fermented purely without additional materials. Also, after analyzing the characteristics of each plant, they were sorted in terms of fermenting methods (liquefaction and solidification) and extracting energy, multi-blended fermenting process is applied in order to produce more nutritious elements through interaction between each element from more than 80 fermented plants. Even though the process is harder and takes little more time, it increases energy gained from the nature by waiting with sincerity.

  • Wisdom of a thousand years adds artisan's wisdom of a thousand years - The area near the fermenting research lab is the center of fermenting history and there are artisans of fermentation who have carried on this tradition for a long time. Since we have to be able to recognize the tiny change of fermentation which cannot be detected from the microscope. Tiny little bubbles moving as if they're alive. Bubbling sounds like they are whispering. And subtle color changes as if they are being dyed. We observe and manage the fermenting process by learning wisdom which artisans have been learned for over a thousand years.


  1. Su:m37º Water-full Skin Refresher 170ml
  2. Su:m37º Water-full Rebalancing Gel lotion 120ml
  3. Su:m37º Water-full Gel Cream 20ml
  4. Su:m37º Water-full Skin Refresher - 20ml  
  5. Su:m37º Water-full Gel lotion- 20ml
  6. Su:m37º Water-full Gel Cream -10ml
  7. Su:m37º Secret Essence -12ml
  8. Su:m37º Water-full Deep effect ampoule - 5ml x 6ea
  9. Su:m37º Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam - 40ml

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