Sulwhasoo Essential Trio Set- 3 items- Travel Exclusive

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Product Description

  • Essential Balancing Water - 125ml

A gel-textured water that prepares the skin for intense moisturization.

Sulwhasoo's essential water soothes and hydrates, leaving your skin supple. 

The water containing Matrimony Vine and Purslane provides hydration, leaving your skin with a delicate veil of moisture. 

Spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly, providing long-lasting hydration, soothing the skin, and leaving a clean finish. 

How to use

After applying First Care Activating Serum EX in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto your palms and smooth it over face.

  • Essential Balancing Emulsion - 125ml 

A moisture-rich emulsion that absorbs quickly for softer and smoother skin.

Sulwhasoo’s essential emulsion helps improve skin texture, providing rich moisture to leave skin dewy and smooth. 

Mountain Peony extract helps improve skin texture while Yai Jiu Hua helps elevate skin clarity. 

Spreads easily over the skin’s surface and absorbs completely, leaving it soft and supple. 

How to use

After applying water in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto palms and slowly smooth over face.

  • First Care Activating Serum - 90ml

An essential first-step serum formulated with JAUM Balancing Complex™ assures a glowing and healthier look by harmonizing the balance of skin.

Hydrates and balances skin for a healthy and glowing look.

From over 3,000 Korean herbal ingredients found in ancient studies, just five were carefully chosen after countless trial and error, completing JAUM Balancing Complex™ through an 18-hour process of pure dedication. 

180% more concentrated than before, the new JAUM Balancing Complex™ provides comprehensive skin care for beautiful balance. For dry skin caused by aging, the complex nourishes and firms the appearance of the complexion for healthier looking, glowing skin. 

Used as the first step after cleansing, the serum helps boost your next skincare product’s absorption, usage, and results. It’s suitable even for customers with delicate or sensitive skin. 

How to use

Use day and night after cleansing. 
Apply 2-3 pumps of First Care Activating Serum onto your palms and spread evenly across your face. 
Gently press palms on your face to help absorption.

  • First Care Activating Serum - 8ml- Sample
  • Essential Balancing Water - 15ml- Sample
  • Essential Balancing Emulsion - 15 ml- Sample
  • Gentle Cleansing Foam EX - 15 ml- Sample
  • Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX - 3.5 ml- Sample
  • Essential Firming Cream EX - 5 ml- Sample
  • Overnight Vitalizing Mask EX - 15 ml- Sample




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