CP-1 Keratin Concentrate Ampoule 80gr


Product Description

Protein clinic was only available at professional hair salon, but Now you can do self-hair care at home!
Easy to use without the need to wash with water especially for Dry & Damaged hair. Professional hair care system Hydrolyzed keratin ingredient treats rough and damaged hair.
Hydrolyzed silky ingredient treat with keratin to prevent hair damage.
Moisten both the outside and sangre de grado of the hair to give smooth finish.

  • Provides intensive care for severely damaged hair.
  • Nourishes the hair strands to help regenerate stronger hair fiber for healthier, softer hair.
  • Provides a strong protective barrier that coats each and every hair strand to prevent further damage.
  • Will strengthen your hair and maintain its healthy condition.

Keratin is a well-known ingredient that does an excellent job in repairing cells.
This treatment efficiently supplies keratin to your hair to repair damaged hair cells from within while also providing rich nourishment to transform your hair at its best state!

How to use

You can add the ampoule in your shampoo. Or you can put it directly on dry hair.

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