Dr Band

Daycell DR. BAND Hydro-Gel V MASK 1 unit


Product Description

Dr. Band 2-Step V Zone Care is a "face line corset" that helps tighten and uplift the skin in the chin and neck area through a two step process.

Step 1 firming and lifting serum tightens saggy skin and preps the skin to absorb the ampoule in the next step.

Step 2 hydrogel band is filled with an ampoule formula to give your skin improved elasticity. The absorption rate of the ampoule is boosted by a water soluble liquid gel composed of colloid particles networked into a semisolid state and adheres closely to the skin.  

Dr. Band 2-Step V Zone Care helps with skin firming, wrinkle care, and uplifts the chin area through the hydro-gel tension sheet that hooks over the ears and adheres firmly to the skin with a slight pressure. Collagen, ginkgo leaf extract, pumpkin seed extract and portulaca extract all work together to provide resilient, smooth and healthy skin.

How to use:

1. Thoroughly clean and tone face.

2. Open the pouch along the dotted line in the center and remove firming lift serum (Step 1). Apply an even layer to the chin area.

3. Open hydrogel patch (Step 2) and remove the patch from the plastic liner. Apply the patch with the shiny side facing your skin. Fit the patch to the center of the chin. Pull to the cheeks in gentle smoothing motions and place the ear loops around the ears. Smooth out air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin.

4. Pat down on their residue and 20 to 30 minutes to unscrew the mask.

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