FOREVER SKIN Salmon Line Patch 10pcs Salmon DNA Extract

FOREVERSKIN's HDPR is a salmon DNA component that protects the skin from external, stimulates and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, providing a healthy and resilient skin.

The excellent moisturizing power of HDPR replenishes moisture on dry skin and preventsmoisture evaporation, making it smooth and moisturized.

Fill and Lift : The patented ingredient BL FILL-UP to make the skin smooth and firm.

Fresh and Clear : Vitamin C-rich lemon complex improves skin's nutritional balance andregulates excess sebum secretion to create a radiant, clean skin.
How To Use
1. After cleansing, it helps to make skin texture with toner.

2. Make sure Salmon Line Patch matches the mouse shape.

After 10 ~ 20 minutes, remove the patch an absorb the remaining essence.
Capacity : 10 pcs- 5 units

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