Gilla8 Skin Lab Dual Super Power Radiance Cream


#Advanced Formulation Brightening  
#Anti-Wrinkle & Dark Spot
#Dual Effect Cream

When using the product first time, there may be one part of the contents after pumping the air. This is not a defect, but a phenomenon that occurs due to the characteristics of dual airless case. Increased 10ml so that you can use the quantification from the beginning.


  • An anti aging and skin radiance face cream that hydrates and creates a glowing complexion while visibly firming the skin.
  • boost your skin's high-powered daily recovery process with SUPER POWER 8 COMPLEX.


  • Brightening
  • Hydrating
  • Lifting

Skin Concerns

  • All Skin types

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin C: Antioxidation and Hypopigmentation
  • Rosa Damascena Flower: Prevents stains and freckles
  • Panthenol: Hydration and build up skin barriers
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Hydration and Firming the skin
  • Adenosine: Against wrinkles
  • Niacinamide+Alpha-Bisabolol+Arbutin: Whitening
  • Lotus Extract: Antioxidation and repair damaged skin
  • Rose Water and Gotu Kola: Skin soothing and improve skin texture. 

How To Use

Apply cream to clean facial skin day or night as needed to combat moisture depletion.

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