HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig-clear Deep Cleansing Foam


Product Description

Holika Holika Pig-clear dust out deep cleansing foam is soft & handful creamy bubble removes bodily wastes and dust out that hidden deep into pores delicately. Helps skin to be smooth & clear.

Its nourishment and collagen penetrate deep into skin, recharging skin with energy, reviving skin's natural radiance and elasticity. 


Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetic retailer owned by ENPRANI Co. Ltd and created in Korea in 2010. Enprani is founded by Samsung & CJ Group. Holika Holika is expanding market all over the world.

Holika Holika products feature unique, eye-catching packaging to appeal to young, style-conscious consumers, both female and male. The brand is offering affordable prices on high quality products made with the finest ingredients.

The vision of Holika Holika is to provide fun practical cosmetic products to enhance every woman’s natural beauty. Holika Holika gives you Happy moments while shopping at our boutiques. Products aim to bring you fun experience with surprising and wonderful result.

Holika Holika derives from English suffix “-holic” and it means addiction. Korean “holida” means temptation to form the brand name and its concept.

How to use:

1. Make handful of bubble by rubbing them on the palm of the hands and massage.

2. Gently wash off with warm water.


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