We, in Goryeo Cosmetics, want to introduce you, lovely ladies, new trends in Korean beauty world. For that we always keep an eye on every new product that comes to air.

Last month our team visited Beauty Expo that took place in Seoul, South Korea. We found there many new brands with fascinating ideas and also well known brands with cool new products.

So, we thought that we could be the first to introduce you our findings and give you the opportunity to try them and decide how much you were impressed:)

Today, we want to show you not 1, but 2 interesting products from MilkyDress brand.

First one called Black Luster Mask:

Black Mud Mask Pack leaving moisture and nutrition while drawing out impurities
* Containing Dead Sea (Sea Silt) Mud (Formula with 24 kinds of mineral)
that creates healthy and elastic skin with nutrition and ionized mineral.

* Enhanced anti-wrinkle and elasticity thru Bio-Magnetism.                 

* Heavy metals test (Not detected: lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony, cadmium,
hexavalent chromium).

* Clean double effect of the oxygen carrier component effectively drawing out impurities in deep pore with strong magnetic force without making any skin irritation.

* Improves elasticity and helps anti-aging, Non-greasy, soft high nutrition. Containing:
ㆍRosehip Oil : Anti-aging and skin protection
ㆍEvening Primrose Oil : Relieves dry skin and helps improve skin condition and skin regeneration
ㆍLavender oil : Trouble soothing and skin regeneration, helps balance of oil and water.

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The second one called Bomb Bubble Pack:

- Perfect cleansing and hydration in one mask -

* Complete removal of fine dust, impurities and sebum thru adhesion of fine bubbles and sheet.

* Helps the immediate hydration and improves moisture retention
containing international patent ingredient AQUAXYL.

* Effect is improved by classic tensil skin sheet adhering to skin.

* Skin tone care without irritating or tightening after applying.

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