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Based in Calgary, Alberta, our company is your gateway to the innovative novelties of Korean cosmetics market! Providing you the exciting shopping experience, ready to ship the affordable quality of genuine Korean products across Canada and all over the world!

In GORYEO COSMETICS INC. we do believe that everyone deserves good quality without waiting for it about a month or even more while overpaying the shipment.

What would the collocation "Korean cosmetics" mean to you?

For us it would be:

  • Ancient traditions, organically interlacing with modern life, but rooted in the times of emperors.
  • Authentic Korean, natural ingredients, meticulously mixed into the best cosmetic products.
  • And the deep care for health, longevity and beauty, that Korea is known for, for centuries.

That's why we have named our company GORYEO COSMETICS INC.: to pay tribute to the place where it all started, where from the ancient traditions of beauty care came to our times.

Modern Korean beauty industry combines the usage of old-world recipes with nowadays innovative ideas.

Every year there come more and more novelty products to the market. And they are not only stylish and pretty looking (and – yes! we do love to have pretty things on our bathroom shelves, don't we?), but with the content that makes the difference!

Constantly improving, searching for new ways, adding ingredients that no one else in cosmetic industry would think about. Korean brands come with the most innovative, sometimes unusual, but always effective products.

And as a nice addition, all this quality comes with very affordable price!


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