Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack review by @farya90

Klavuu Nourishing Lip Sleeping Pack made from Phyto Oil Complex and oils from Avocado, sweet Almond and Apricot to prevent lips from drying out while smoothing our dead skin cells
This smells like vanilla cake , the scent is so delicious it makes me hungry. I often neglect my lips ( they look chapped and cracked ) But the delicious scent of this lip mask motivats me to apply this on my lips every night before going to bed
This has a rich balm like texture which melts when in contact with skin. A little goes a long way this lip mask. It gradually sinks into the lips. I love the feeling of waking up with soft plump lips every morning
I really recommend you all to give this one a try !! It seriously is different and better than the conventional lip balms you get at the drugstore
You can find this @goryeocosmetics they have a lot of limited edition korean cosmetics instock that you won't find else where

Photo by @farya90

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