Ampulogy Brightening Ampoule review by @snuggle_bunnies

About a month ago, the awesome peeps at @goryeocosmetics sent me this @ampulogy_kr E01 Brightening Ampule free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I was supposed to only test it for two weeks before posting my thoughts (I'm so bad with deadlines lately 🙈) but I tested it for four.
The idea behind this ampoule, the start ingredient of which is niacinamide (check second photo for full ingredients list), is that you can either apply it directly to your skin, or mix it into pretty much any toner or serum you want for added brightening properties. That's cool and all, but I didn't feel like diluting it since I don't see a point to that, so I applied it directly.
If you literally stick the tube up your nostril, you get a slight herbal/floral fragrance (which makes sense since it does contain lavender oil, sandalwood extract, ginseng, and other botanical ingredients) but I never noticed when actually using the product. The ampoule comes in a little tube with a screw top, and while you might think this would lead to product getting wasted (we've all had to cut open hand cream tubes, am I rite?), because the product is thin and slippery in consistency - slightly more viscous than water but less so than many HA serums - this isn't a problem.
For application, I would just apply directly to skin after toner. As I said, it has a nice slip to it, so it glides over the skin easily, and doesn't take too long to absorb. It can leave the skin feeling slightly tacky, especially when layering with other products, but since I follow with moisturizer anyway this never bothered me.
So, results? I'm actually quite impressed! Over the course of four weeks I've absolutely noticed an overall brightening of my skin tone, and in the first 2 weeks alone I noticed the ampoule really, really helped fade hyperpigmentation left over from a horrible cystic acne breakout I suffered as a result of a reaction to another product. My dark spots/freckles have all lightened up, too! I should note it's super gentle - no irritation!
Overall, it's a great product, and there's a bunch left, so I'm going to keep using it 😁 If you're interested, definitely go check out #goryeocosmetics

Ampulogy brightening ampoule review

Ampulogy review by snuggle_bunnies


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