🍃 Rootree - Recharging Cream:
The cream is claimed to make dull, dry and sensitive cream smooth and radiant. The cream has a very rich creamy consistency, it has a pretty strong herbal scent. When you rub it in it looks white and it takes a few minutes to fully absorb. I love how my skin feels after applying the cream, it's really plump and hydrated but doesn't feel tacky at all, it absorbs really amazingly. You really feel how it hydrates the skin deeply and how long lasting the effect is. At AM routine it's a bit too heavy tho, maybe at winter time (and I have extremelydry skin). At night time it's wonderful because I wake up to a really plump moisturized skin. It's also perfect for minimal routines because it's so hydrating. I love how it makes my skin look in the morning and I notice way less dry patches when I use this. My only problem is how heavy and creamy it is, I prefer lighter creams even tho I have dey skin and this one is a bit too heavy for me.

🍃 Rootree - Returning Essence:

This essence claims to firm the skin, tighten the pores and soothe the skin. It's main ingredients are Chamomilla Recutita Flower Water and Centella Asiatica Extract. Both products have anti inflammatory properties and are soothing. I really love the consistency of the essence, it has a light gel texture that feels really cooling and absorbs pretty fast. The essence has a light herbal fragrance that fades quickly. I really noticed after using this essence for a few weeks that's my skin looks a lot brighter and plumper. It's also very hydrating which is wonderful for night and morning. I also love that it doesn't leave my skin tacky and that's it's also very light on the skin. I haven't noticed any firming but my skin does feel a lot healthier and plumper when I use this essence. I didn't take this essence with me to Prague and I really noticed how my skin missed it and now that I'm back I'm using it again every day!

💫 These two products are the first Rootree products I've ever tried. The brand intrigued me for a while so I was very excited when @goryeocosmetics gave me the opportunity to try these two products. The product are on the more expensive side, when it comes to the essence I feel that it's worth it because it works so well and I really noticed a difference when I used it, you also need a really small amount for the entire face. The cream is nice but I have a lot of other cream that work the same and don't have a really strong fragrance to them. Overall both products are really great and I can't wait to try more products from them!

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