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Happy St. Valentine's Day Glowies! Instead of romance I bring you...
Elmolu Red Sherbet Modeling Mask - AC Care!
I have only ever used 2 modeling masks before this one, but I can definitively say that this one was the best by far. The Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot was okay but not worth the price or effort, and the Skinfood Cereal Rice Rubber Mask was terrible.
Marina of @goryeocosmetics gave me this mask to try out because it is one of her favourites. After trying it I can see why! My fine lines and visible pores were gone 😱 for a while, anyway. Acne care products are often drying but not this one. My skin was so hydrated and moisturized when I took it off.
If you want to try it for yourself you can use my coupon code MOONLIGHT20 to get 20% off your order at goryeobeauty.ca
Let's get into the experience, shall we? First, you can see that this is a 2 packet mask that is very easy to mix and use. Once you mix the Step 2 powder into the Step 1 gel the instructions say to mix it and apply it to your skin within 20 seconds. There is no way I can apply anything that fast, let alone get any pictures of it. Thankfully the formula is forgiving and it stayed pliable and spreadable during the 5 or so minutes I took to put it on.
The scent reminds me of salon haircare for some reason, but it was light and easy to forget. The mask itself is like a bouncy jelly as it sets and it felt so cooling and comfortable for the hour that I left it on. I could have worn it longer because it was still giving essence to my skin, however I needed to get to bed.

Immediately after removing the mask I could feel how firm and bouncy my skin was, and just so plump! Then when I looked in the mirror I could see that all the fine lines around my eyes were gone and the pores on most of my face look invisible. Glass skin indeed!
Unfortunately, I may be experiencing some purging now. All of my active acne spots looked a little bigger and more red right after taking the mask off, and they continue to be so now. I would like to try another flavour of Elmolu mask to see if this is purging due to the AC Care effect. The rest of my pores look amazing so I know this isn't skin irritation.
The essence that the mask left behind was somewhat sticky but I was able to fix that with a layer of cream. Despite smashing my face into a pillow all night my skin is still hydrated and mostly free of fine lines. 100% I would do this again. Do you like modeling masks?

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